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Your Advance empowers economically-disadvantaged students with no-cost virtual tutoring.

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Our Partner

Your Advance is thankful for the support and partnership of local community engagement organization UnidosNow to help deliver our programs to families in need.

Your Advance inspires students from all walks of life to have equal opportunities in education. Our partnership with UnidosNow strengthens this commitment by investing our resources for the empowerment of the Hispanic community, helping to achieve the American Dream!

To learn more about the mission and the work of UnidosNow, visit unidosnow.org.

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Your Advance:

Always Committed

 Executive Director Denny Lu, proudly represents the hard-working volunteers that serve our organization. During this segment, Denny discussed the importance of returning to a safe environment of effective and consistent instruction for students and teachers.

"Students are rising up to the challenge, alongside the non-profit organizations of Your Advance and UnidosNow, to ensure a safe return to school, promoting success in the classroom and online."

Locally Recognized

Your Advance has been recognized by our community for being an active leader in support of students and families. 

We are a team of Scholars Helping Students.


All trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners. This is not an endorsement of our programs, but shows our community that these organizations have recognized us and our volunteers for our work.


Tutoring with Compassion:

Caring for Our Community

 Our Associate Director Maria Alonzo, who leads the Office of Community Engagement, appeared on Spectrum Bay News 9! Maria explains to viewers the unprecedented challenges that students face going back to school and Your Advance is rising up to support our community's need.

"We, as a team, are so fortunate to make a difference in the lives of these hard-working students!"

STAR Leadership: Mental Health

Community Wellness:

Partners in Mental Health

Your Advance partners with the Boys and Girls Club of Sarasota County's STAR Leadership Program to bring attention to community mental health. Senior Instructors Gabriela Gonzalez and Daniela Rodriguez share their unique perspectives on how to uplift our community's well-being during these unprecedented times.





At Your Advance, we work together as scholars who are dedicated to serving our community through education, service, and perseverance.

"Scholars Helping Students!"

Summer Festival

Success in Geometry:

By the Numbers

Our Team at Your Advance has officially completed the Summer Enrichment Sessions for Geometry Students, clocking in over 24 hours of instruction during June and July 2020. In our inaugural year, we upheld our mission to help students in learning beyond the classroom by advancing them forward. The students are now prepared to enter Geometry at their schools with a head-start!

Your Advance applauds Davide Montanari and Destin Gollamudi for their hard work this summer!

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