Your Advance will provide FREE tutoring as a part of the Summer Enrichment Sessions for economically-disadvantaged students who apply, at a limited capacity for the summer of 2020. The purpose of these tutoring sessions provided by the program is to motivate and prepare students for any challenging coursework for the upcoming school year.  Subjects offered may subject to change based on Instructor availability. Students who choose a certain Subject for preparation with the Summer Enrichment Program must meet certain criteria such as Grade Level and Pre-Requisites taken at the school, which may differ for each Subject. The Summer Enrichment Sessions follow a discussion-based model where students learn and collaborate together and will have opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge in engaging virtual activities. Your Advance's Summer Enrichment Program is designed to support economically-disadvantaged students just entering the middle or high school curriculum. Students who apply have the chance to respond to what types of subjects or coursework (i.e. 6th Grade Mathematics) and Your Advance will pair you with a tutoring group that will prepare you for the course this summer before you take at the class at school this fall.  The goal of this program is to familiarize the student with a solid foundation of knowledge before he/she returns to school to reduce summer learning loss and not be overwhelmed by the difficulty of in-school coursework. You are encouraged to apply and we will do our best to help prepare you for these classes you will take next year! Our program is free for those who enroll and get accepted.


For the summer of 2020, Summer Enrichment Session will be conducted securely and virtually over the Zoom video conferencing platform with multiple sessions and multiple groups over the course of the summer. Following an official acceptance, a calendar will be prepared for each student of the tutoring sessions he/she wants to prepare for. Each session will have a group of at least one student, no more than five that have similar classes or learning targets they want to achieve for the incoming school year.  The sessions will be based on skills and personal survey results for each incoming student at the beginning of the program to ensure individualized. Your Advance is looking at expanding its outreach aiming towards students from all backgrounds, especially economically disadvantaged and minority groups. We are constantly seeking qualified and enthusiastic volunteer instructors to bring a positive learning experience for our students! Refer to our "Contact Us" page if you're interested in becoming an instructor.

Currently, there are certain criteria applicants must meet in order to qualify for the Summer Enrichment Program. These may change without notice.

  • The applicant must be age 12 or older when applying to the program.

  • The applicant must be enrolled at a middle or high school level for the 2020 academic school year.

  • Certain Subjects require course Pre-Requisites that were previously taken in the prior school year i.e. enrolling in a Geometry session would require the student to have completed Algebra 1 at their school.

  • The applicant can only enroll in ONE course at this time.

  • Afterward, Your Advance representative(s) will contact you to inform you of the following steps.

    • Applicants must complete a form online by the posted deadline.

    • The applicant must complete a detailed survey to assess their educational needs.

    • Applicant and parent/guardian must agree to a Contract of Student Attendance that mandates attendance to conferences to maximize student success in our program.

That's it, you're on your way to becoming a Summer Enrichment Scholar!

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