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Your Advance is a not-for-profit organization in Manatee County founded by Denny Lu on June 1st, 2020. Your Advance addresses the gaps caused by summer learning loss through the establishment of learning programs for students in either middle or high school. These programs engage students to constantly learn and reinforces academic content outside of the classroom setting. Through its launch in the summer of 2020, Your Advance will close gaps in learning for all students regardless of any financial hardships. We will meet or exceed the goals of successfully preparing and addressing summer learning loss to inspire students to dream big. Our organization will drive students who are willing to commit and challenge themselves in their academia to achieve excellence beyond the classroom and school year for the benefit of society.  


Your Advance will provide an opportunity for students to continue and advance their learning

beyond the classroom today for their future tomorrow.



Your Advance will aim to reduce the achievement gap amongst disadvantaged students through competitive and accessible opportunities to constantly advance their knowledge, reduce the loss of learning material, and better prepare for the challenges of classes for the upcoming school year.


Your Advance emphasizes inclusivity with access to educational opportunities regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, or disabilities. We believe that every student who is willing to continue their learning beyond the bounds of the academic school year deserves the chance to succeed. At Your Advance, we believe every student has the opportunity to be SMART: Skillful, Masterly, Able, Ready, and Talented.  

Our Founder

Denny Lu

Denny Lu is the founder of the Your Advance non-profit organization. Currently, Denny is a student at Manatee High School in Bradenton, Florida. From past experience, Denny has held countless titles and positions with community services organizations that add to his reputation of trust and experience. With a track record of promoting community awareness and advocating for equal opportunities for all, Denny founded Your Advance to address the achievement gap in economically disadvantaged and hardship students within our community in Manatee County. 

As a child to two immigrant parents, Denny has always made it a core value to be inclusive and optimistic about opportunities in the future in times of challenge and struggle. Leading Your Advance presents an opportunity for an outreaching influence into communities where students and families may not have the resources or tools to successfully achieve their hopes or dreams in their academia and lead them onto a successful pathway for their future careers.

Denny is also a Volunteer Instructor here at Your Advance. His experience ranges from a multitude of subjects at the Middle and High School level ranging from state-mandated courses to national Advanced Placement curriculum. Denny is extremely enthusiastic to share his knowledge and experience with his students to better assist them in achieving in their classroom and beyond. As the Founder of Your Advance, Denny emphasizes the ability of Volunteer Instructors to inspire others in times of challenges to never give up on their education no matter how difficult it gets. Because knowledge opens the door!

"Every child deserves the right to opportunity through education."

Locally Recognized

Your Advance has been recognized by our community for being an active leader in support of students and families. 

We are a team of Scholars Helping Students.


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